Scare Hockey Android mobile app

Project Description

Scare Hockey was a mobile app I made to prove the viability of Lame.js.

The game was a simple air hockey game with a halloween theme. It featured the ability for 2 players to play simultaneously on 1 device or 1 player to face off against 2 different AI, a ghost and a zombie, both featuring different styles of play and mechanics. The ghost would phase in and out, shooting when it appeared, whilst the zombie would chase down the player if it was able or slowly trudge after the puck if the player didn't have their finger on the screen. The zombie would also score if it made contact with the player.

A few other behind the scene features were added such as style script so that the game could be quickly tweaked and even fully reskinned within a single file. It also dynamically scaled fairly well supporting devices from the Amazon Fire 7 to the Google Pixel XL.

The HTML5 game was bundled for mobile using Adobe PhoneGap, a middleware that allows for HTML content to be built into a native mobile application.

Overall the project was a success proving that Lame.js was capable of creating a full game which ran smoothly even on lower end devices such as the Amazon Fire 7.


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