LamE.js HTML5 Game Engine

Project Description

LamE.js is a 2d canvas based HTML5 game engine built to be multi-platform. It is currently capable of web, PC, android, and iOS deployment. With the ever increasing range of devices that are capable of HTML5 deployment it seemed like a good move. It also came with the added bonus of giving me the opportunity to try something new which is why the engine has been built from scratch rather than building on top of existing technologies such as pixi.js, phaser or playcanvas.

LamE.js is based on component based entity architecture using prototypal Javascript. Some exploration into TypeScript was also done but I found that by introducing a coding standard I was able to get what I wanted into JS.

The engine has already had a small round of testing with the release of Scare Hockey and Halloween Quest on Google Play and the Amazon app store. The games have helped to prove that LamE.js is viable at least for personal use with small projects.


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