Halloween Quest Android mobile app

Project Description

Halloween Quest is a mobile app built using Lame.js. It was created for the purpose of proving that the changes made to the engine had increased the viability and that more complex projects could be handled.

You play as a boy out trick or treating for Halloween with the added ability of being able to transform to fight zombies that are out to stop you. The level is on a rotating circle which posed some added challenges handling objects and AI behaviour. I also was able to come to a moment of 20/20 hindsight when I thought that using round buildings would have been significantly better visually.

The HTML5 game was bundled using a WebView in an Android Studio project. I'd previously used PhoneGap for things like this but wanted more control over the project and ownership as a whole so decided to roll my own wrapper which proved to be simple.

Whilst time constraints have seen some elements of engine development missing (sound) and features had to be cut (character selection, per house challenges) the project was pretty smooth and proved that the new expanded version of Lame.js was more viable that it had been and the workflow was much smoother.


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